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lundi 20 décembre 2010

Backstreet Boys 2011 fan club wall calendar

We're excited to announce the exclusive Backstreet Boys fan club wall calendar.
For the first time ever, you'll get to own hard copies of amazing  exclusive photos of the Boys, taken by photographer Justin Segura.
If you'd like your calendar to arrive before the holidays, make sure  you grab your copy now! We can only promise delivery in time if you're  among the first 500 to order. 

It would be the perfect holiday gift for you or for any other BSB fan you know.

Team Backstreet Boys

- Only the first 500 calendars are guaranteed to be shipped in time for the holidays.
- Only CURRENT fan club members are eligible for the fan club discount.
- You must add the item to your cart to see the discount.
Want to join? Click here to join
Click here to order today. Current fan club members will get $10.00 off!
THIS JUST IN! Each calendar will include an extra 3 month membership code to the BSB Fan club! (code will be sent via EMAIL)

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